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CEO and Proprietor

Amichai Cohen

Is a teacher,mentor and rabbi. Amichai has always been fascinated by wine, wine making and it’s historical and spiritual significance. After relocating to the Upper Galilee in Israel, a place rich in spiritual tradition, superior terroir and weather conditions for grape growing and winemaking, Amichai searched for a way to combine his love for wine with with the uniqueness of the Upper Galilee. That is how Earth & Air was born. The earth represents our physicality and air represents the spirituality. This combination is what make us human. Limited yet infinite, body yet soul, opposites which bring out our true potential. 

Vinter and Winemaker

Naftali Menachem

From Safsusa near Meron Mountain, besides for being a vinter who knows every single vine of his single vineyard on the foothills of Mount Meron, Naftali is a master winemaker. 

A real renaissance man, oversees the entire winemaking proccess, including reframing and torching his own barrels to match the wine varietals uniquness.  

Naftali is sought after by many winemakers for his consultation and advice on winemaking. Naftali is a man of true faith and attributes the quality of his wine to the one and only true winemaker. 

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Israel: (054) 638-0852

USA: (561) 372-2116

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